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Beyond Discrimination: Apartheid is a Colonial Project and Zionism is a form of Racism

In the twenty-eight years of the Oslo peace process, Israel has torpedoed the prospect of a Palestinian state, which offered it an internationally sanctioned pathway to preserving its Zionist settler sovereignty. In doing so, Israel is manifesting to the world what Palestinians have long known: it wants the land without the people and seeks to remain the sole source of authority from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The Human Rights Watch report concluding that Israel oversees an apartheid regime is more of an acknowledgment of the reality than a revelation of its existence. The report continues  a rich line of existing resources including by Badil, Al Haq, Adalah, the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa, the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the Durban Review Conference, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, UN CERD, UN ESCWA, Yesh Din, B’tselem, as well as decades of Palestinian intellectual labor and advocacy. The title of HRW’s report, A Threshold Crossed, reflects that Israel has removed any plausible…

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Symposium Introduction: Apartheid in Israel/Palestine?

This week the blog will be running a symposium provoked by a recent Human Rights Watch report arguing that Israel is responsible for committing the crime of apartheid within its boundaries and in the occupied Palestinian territories. This report is exemplary of an increasing trend amongst human rights activists and NGOs of labelling Israel’s policies…

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Black Lives Matter and the UN Human Rights System: Reflections on the Human Rights Council Urgent Debate

The protests against the police killings of George Floyd and many other Black people in the United States catalyzed a transnational movement. Around the world, people mobilized to express solidarity with protesters in the United States while also challenging U.S. imperialism, as well as systemic racism, colonialism, and police brutality in their…

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The Duty to Derogate: Suspending Human Rights in a Very Limited and Specific Way?

Section 12 of the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill currently making its way through the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament imposes a duty on the Secretary of State to consider derogating from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in relation to certain overseas military operations. The duty is the product…

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Legislating by Soundbite: The Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill

The Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill 2019-2021, if passed, would provide a ‘triple lock’ to render ‘exceptional’ prosecutions for criminal offences allegedly committed by the armed forces overseas (outside the UK) more than five years ago; shorten the limitation periods for actions in tort and under the…

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