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The Rise and Fall of Eunomia – Episode 2: A movement is born

This is the second part of a series of posts on "The Rise and Fall of Eunomia". Episode 1 of this series can be found at here. Eunomia’s internationalism takes shape Initially, the real reasons for creating the State of Eunomia had been somewhat a mystery. After all, many of the social experiments that Eunomians sought to engage in were the sort that could have been engaged in in other countries, without the huge cost of doing so literally in the middle of nowhere. The style section of an international magazine described the whole experiment as ‘radical-libertarian-humanitarian-chic.’ As it turned out, however, the real plan laid elsewhere and it only began to emerge once Eunomia’s statehood had been officially recognized. There were a few telltale signs, including the proclamation that Eunomia would be an entirely monist state, and its immediate adoption of all eight major international human rights treaties as having supra-constitutional status. Some legislators went as far as to suggest that little ordinary legislation would not be necessary: the WTO rules…

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The Rise and Fall of Eunomia – Episode 1: Eunomia rising

Frédéric Mégret is an Assistant Professor of Law, the Canada Research Chair on the Law of Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, and the Director of the McGill Clinic for the Sierra Leone Special Court, McGill University. Alexandra Harrington is currently a Doctor of Civil Law candidate at  McGill University It had been a masterfully planned operation from start to…

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Francis Lieber Prize

Nominations may now be made for the Francis Lieber Prize, awarded annually to an outstanding published (or to be published) work in the field of law and armed conflict by an author aged 35 years or younger at the time of submission. The Francis Lieber Prize is awarded annually by the American Society of International Law's…

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2010 SIEL/CUP Prize for Essay in International Economic Law

A prize has been established by the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) and Cambridge University Press for the best essay submitted on any topic in any field of international economic law. The competition is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students and those who have graduated no earlier than five years before the submission deadline. Members…

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Antonio Cassese Prize for International Criminal Law Studies

The Journal of International Criminal Justice has announced the establishment of a prize in honour of Antonio Cassese. According to the announcement of the prize in the Journal of International Criminal Justice (see here) This biennial prize will award €10,000 (ten thousand euro) to the author of the most…

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