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Damaged Beyond Repair? International Law after Gaza

“Never has [an international law professor] sensed such profound skepticism about the legitimacy and usefulness of the discipline he teaches. Hasn’t the appalling conflict unfolding before our eyes demonstrated with tremendous eloquence the vanity, or at least the extreme fragility, of a so-called legal order in relations between states, at the very moment when its development was announced as certain and complete? Is it not, therefore, a very serious error and peril to lead people to trust in the rationality of law in an area where force has the last word?” These words could easily be mistaken for yet another instance of lamentation about international law uttered in 2024. Many readers may be surprised to hear that they were pronounced by Dionisio Anzilotti in his inaugural conference at the University of Rome just a few weeks after the invasion of Belgium by Germany in 1914.

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A Sympathy Borne out of Legal Identity? (Re)Viewing Ethiopia’s Move to Recognize Somaliland’s Statehood from a Different Angle

Introduction In the process of understanding the undeclared drivers behind Ethiopia’s move towards recognition of Somaliland’s statehood, this blog post sheds light on how changes in legal identities guide the decision-making process of States in international law. It specifically examines the potential links between Ethiopia’s shifting position on the principle of territorial integrity and its…

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Germany and International Criminal Law: Reflections in Light of Current Developments

In its comments of November 2023, Germany informed the International Law Commission of its view that the non-applicability of functional immunity in international criminal law stricto sensu is an emerging rule of customary international law. In a judgment of 2021, Germany’s Federal Court of Justice had, however, found that functional immunity is inapplicable as a matter…

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A Political Question Doctrine at the International Court of Justice? 

At the end of January 2024, the US District Court in Northern California applied the political question doctrine to dismiss a suit brought against the US President and the Secretary of Defense based on alleged violations of international law. The Plaintiffs, a group of Palestinian human rights organizations and activists including Defense for Children International-Palestine and Al-Haq, alleged…

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Absent Kony, Absent Justice? Notes on the ICC’s Decision to Potentially Confirm Charges Against Kony In Absentia

With the deaths of Vincent Otti, Raska Lukwiya, and Okot Odhiambo and the conviction of Dominic Ongwen by the International Criminal Court (ICC), the only remaining leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) at large is its founder, Joseph Kony. Long-time followers of the ICC will remember its first-ever arrest warrants were issued…

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