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The Buck Stops Here: State Responsibility and PMCs

Editors note: Carsten Hoppe is on the Project Management team of the Priv-War Project  and Executive Director of the European Society of International Law. He is currently writing a PhD, on the same topic as his article, at the European University Institute. He has a JD from the University of Michigan Law School and has previously clerked for Judge Bruno Simma at the International Court of Justice. His article "Passing the Buck: State Responsibility for Private Military Companies", (2008 )19 EJIL 989 -1014 is available  here. What makes the video below from the Iraq war more disturbing than the countless others we have seen? First off, Elvis Presley. The scenes of bullets flying into civilian vehicles are cut to a trivializing soundtrack of “Mystery Train” by the King of Rock ’n Roll. But what may be even more disturbing is that the video does not show a single soldier. Rather, it is…

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