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Towards an Enhanced Protection of Palestinian LGBTQ Refugees in Israel?

This blog aims to unpack a recent ruling from the Israeli district court concerning the eligibility of an LGBTQ Palestinian to seek refuge under the Refugee Convention. This issue is of tremendous importance, as LGBTQ Palestinians are a vulnerable group within the Palestinian community, in terms of social acceptance and also, at times, their personal security and dignity. The LGBTQ community often faces the dangers of violence and persecution and with insufficient protection by the authorities, and in fact at times it is even the authorities themselves who pressure to expose the identities of  LGBTQ Palestinians. According to a 2019 report by HIAS on the issue, while the important role of NGO's that promote the rights of LGBTQ  Palestinians has been on the rise (Mohammed S. Abualsaid), the dangers the community face are still prominent, significant, widespread and of grave consequences.

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On UNRWA, Palestine Refugees, and International Law

In the past month, some of the major donors to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) announced they were suspending funding to the agency over allegations that some of its employees were involved in the 7 October attacks (here, here, and…

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Are all Afghan women and girls refugees? An analysis in light of the Refugee Convention

Following the withdrawal of the United States (US) and international forces in July 2021, the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan.  Since the Taliban takeover, women and girls have been denied a number of fundamental rights and subjected to various discriminatory measures – including restrictions on education, work, movement and…

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Pushbacks and Lawlessness

Dozens of cases before the European Court of Human Rights claim that Greek authorities are engaged in a policy of secret returns of persons seeking asylum back to Turkey, or ‘pushbacks’. Α post on this blog, ‘Pushbacks as Euphemism’ by Niamh Keady-Tabbai and Itamar Mann drew attenttion to the alleged ‘driftbacks’ in the Aegean. These, however,…

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The International Law of Protected Spaces and the Collapse of the Humanitarian Corridors in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine deepens, the UN Refugee Agency has warned that Europe sits on the precipice of its ‘largest refugee crisis this century’. Over a million people have already fled the Russian invasion within the first seven days of conflict alone, and numbers are expected to rise exponentially. Simultaneously, while the refugee crisis grows…

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