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Nicaragua: Expatriation as an Aggravated Form of Political Persecution

In an unprecedented move in the modern history of international law, Nicaragua has stripped more than 300 dissident citizens of their nationality in the last two weeks. 222 of these citizens were deported to the United States on 9 February (see here), with the Managua Appeals Court (Tribunal de Apelaciones) removing their nationality the day after (see here), i.e. after the fact. Other 94 citizens, most of them already in exile, have been the object of a similar judicial farce which culminated in a decision of the same Court on 15 February (for the surreal appearance of Presiding Judge Ernesto Rodríguez Mejía see a 7 min video here; for the official website of the judiciary see here). In a spontaneous show of solidarity Spain, now followed by two Latin American States (Argentina, Chile), offered these persons their nationality (see here and here). Political persecution by a family-run dictatorship The General Secretariat of the…

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