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Another Fish in The Sea or the New Kid on The Block? The Newborn NATO Mission Appeals Tribunal – Part II

The First Cases Decided by the MAT 2023 was a pivotal year for the MAT. Not only its establishment process was completed, but also the first cases were decided and finally made public in January 2024. In adjudicating them the MAT judges could solve some of the most relevant challenges, highlighted in part one, concerning the actual collocation of this Tribunal in the sea of IATs. The first judgment concerned allegations brought by Mr. K and C against EUFOR in November 2022. They claimed that the mission unlawfully differentiated in the regulations governing social benefits, including severance pay, overtime, and paid sick leave, between similar categories of employees to the detriment of the applicants. Moreover, they pleaded for moral damages for denied justice because of the undue delay in the establishment of the Tribunal. By recognizing both the discrimination and the damages for denied justice, the MAT partially upheld the applications and issued its first judgment (MAT/EUFOR/01) on 2nd September 2023. On 22nd…

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Another Fish in The Sea or the New Kid on The Block? The Newborn NATO Mission Appeals Tribunal – Part I

The Mission Appeals Tribunal (MAT) is a new international administrative tribunal (IAT), formally established in 2022 through a NATO internal directive, to provide judicial relief to civilian personnel hired in out-of-area NATO-led missions. Following an initial period, the MAT started operating in 2023 when it was officially presented to the interested staff members, its constitutive…

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The Legality of the Downing of the Turkish Drone by the US

On 4 October 2023, the US downed a Turkish drone in Syria after it came within 500m of a US military base in a region controlled by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in eastern Euphrates. Multiple Turkish drones carried out airstrikes in the region as part of a response to a terrorist attack…

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