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The Discomfort of Extraterritoriality: US Semiconductor Export Controls and why their Chokehold on Dutch Photolithography Machines Matter  

In the wake of the US Department of Commerce’s announcement on 17 October 2023 of new sweeping semiconductor export control restrictions, China began stockpiling photolithography machines produced by ASML based in the Netherlands. Why did China scramble towards a Dutch company because of US restrictions? These regulations were designed to restrict the transfer of critical technologies to China not only from US entities but also any entity – regardless of nexus to US entities  – producing technology vital in the semiconductor supply chain, such as ASML’s lithography machines. This is aimed at hampering China’s technological edge in high tech sectors, for which it still relies on foreign exports of advanced chips and equipment.

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Goliath vs David (and Friends): A Recap of the Preliminary Objections Hearings in Ukraine v. Russia

Introduction Never before in the history of the Court have so many States’ representatives squeezed into the Great Hall of Justice for a contentious proceeding, as occurred in the preliminary objections hearings in Ukraine v. Russia which concluded on Wednesday. Not merely offering Ukraine and Russia a platform to trade political barbs, the proceedings raise a…

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