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Special Tribunal for Lebanon Delivers Interlocutory Decision on Applicable Law

Today the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon delivered an interlocutory decision on several points of applicable law before the Tribunal. It has essentially done so in an advisory fashion, at the request of the pre-trial judge, in order to provide him with adequate guidance with respect to 15 questions of law. In other words, the Appeals Chamber rendered this decision without actually having a concrete case before it, after having heard the submissions of the prosecution and the defense office on the legal issues in question. The 150-page decision is available here; a summary read out by President Cassese is available here. This is an incredibly rich decision - if you will (and appropriately enough bearing in mind Judge Cassese's involvement), the STL's Tadic. I am sure that it will provoke much discussion, and not a little bit of controversy. I had so far only given the decision a very quick skim, but let me try to point out some of the most interesting developments. The Appeals Chamber held, inter alia, that customary…

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Formation of Custom and the Inherent Powers of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Yesterday the STL Appeals Chamber issued its first substantive decision (h/t Bill Schabas’ blog), penned by Professor Antonio Cassese, who was not only the presiding judge but also the judge rapporteur in the Chamber. The decision delves in great detail into the concept of inherent powers of international courts and tribunals, and is strongly…

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