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US Mistreatment towards Iran’s Representatives to the UN: Is Iran Initiating the Third Case against the US at the ICJ?

In recent years, some visa applications for Iran's representatives to the UN have been rejected by the US. Also, Iran's representatives to the UN may only travel between the Iranian U.N. mission, the Iranian U.N. ambassador’s residence, John F. Kennedy airport, and the UN, and they would need authorization to go beyond a 25-mile (40-kilometer) radius (see here). This restriction was even reduced to a 3-mile radius during Trump's Administration (see here). US mistreatment towards Iran's representatives to the UN caused Iran's Foreign Ministry, on 17 January 2021, to officially warn  the US that it will bring a lawsuit with the ICJ against that country if it continues its illegal actions against Iranian diplomats, by the issuance of an official memorandum and the submission of it through the Tehran embassy of Switzerland, which represents US interests in Iran. The US, as the UN's host state, has obligations towards representatives of UN member states under the UN Charter, Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations 1946 (hereinafter…

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The General Assembly should provide guidance to the UN system on the question of who gets to represent Myanmar

The lack of a coordinated, principled response to the issue of who gets to represent Myanmar at regional and international forums is becoming an indictment of the UN system.  As previously discussed in this forum (here and here), the issue of Myanmar’s representation first came to a head shortly after Myanmar’s military…

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The IMF, WTO, World Bank, and WHO all come around? Multilateral Unity Against Inequitable Global COVID Vaccine Distribution, but still sans Human Rights

Sometimes, they do come around, albeit so narrowly. Back in February 2021, I argued that international law (specifically based on the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and the Right to Development presently being codified in the draft Convention on the Right to Development) compels States and non-State actors to design equitable COVID Vaccine Distribution…

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The draft WTO agreement on fisheries subsidies: Are we closing the net?

On 11 May the chair of the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s fisheries subsidies negotiations released a draft text designed to spur the final stage of negotiations toward final agreement. Talks on fisheries subsidies have been on the WTO’s ledger since 2001 and have been conducted in earnest since 2016. The negotiations are the key element in States’ efforts…

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Passing the Buck? The UN Security Council’s Undue Reliance on ASEAN to Defuse the Myanmar Crisis

After the UN Special Envoy's highly-charged report to the UN Security Council of "widespread, systematic attacks on civilians in Myanmar" and the continuum of unabated atrocities against peaceful protesters, children, journalists, among other unarmed victims of Myanmar's rapid descent away from democracy towards 'failed state' status, it is readily observable that the 10…

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