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The Iranian Charter of Citizens’ Rights

 Nazila Ghanea teaches international human rights law at the University of Oxford. 100 days into his presidency, Iranian President Hassan Rohani delivered a partial result on the nuclear issue (see EJIL:Talk! discussion by Dan Joyner)and released his draft Charter of Citizens’ Rights (henceforth ‘the Charter’) on 26 November 2013. Though the Presidential website offers content in 7 languages including English, the draft Charter has only been made available in Persian. It is reported that the President consulted religious elites, experts, activists and academics within Iran with regard to this draft Charter, but not the Iranian judiciary. Academics, thinkers, universities and others have been asked to send their comments on the draft Charter to the legal deputy of the Iranian President within a month so that it can be revised and a final version released. So what feedback can one give the President’s office on the draft Charter? What does the Charter add and which rights does it guarantee? Does it fulfill the President’s aim (see…

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Freedom of Religion and Religious Symbols: Same Right – Different Interpretation?

Stephanie E. Berry is Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Sussex. As the debate over the wearing of religious attire in State institutions in Western Europe has reignited over previous weeks, it is pertinent to consider the protection provided under international law to those who wish to exercise this element…

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The European Court of Human Rights Gets It Right: A Comment on Eweida and Others v the United Kingdom

Dr Erica Howard is senior lecturer in law at Middlesex University and the author of Law and the Wearing of Religious Symbols: European Bans on the Wearing of Religious Symbols in Education (Routledge, 2012). The European Court of Human Rights has delivered its Chamber judgment in the case of Eweida and…

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