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Human Rights, International Economic Law and ‘Constitutional Justice’: a Reply by Robert Howse to Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann’s Article in EJIL Vol 19:4

In issue 4 of our year marking the anniversary of the UDHR, we published an article by Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann on "Human Rights, International Economic Law and 'Constitutional Justice'". We continue the discussion by publishing a reply and a rejoinder to this piece. We invite our readers to comment. Herein find a reply by Robert Howse to Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann: "Together with developments in international criminal justice and humanitarian law, the human rights revolution in international law has had a profound structural effect on the international legal order as a whole; we are today only beginning to discern and to digest this effect, to say nothing of the broader consequences for global politics. ((Teitel, ‘Humanity's Law', 35 Cornell Int'l LJ (2002) 355.)) New actors have been empowered in the international legal system (not only individuals but various kinds of non-state collectivities as well); conceptions of responsibility have been altered; classic notions, such as territorial sovereignty and recognition of statehood, have sometimes subtly and sometimes radically been reshaped or adapted; and the balance of institutional actors charged with interpreting and applying international…

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Human Rights, International Economic Law and ‘Constitutional Justice’: A Rejoinder by Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

In this post Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann issues a rejoinder to Robert Howse's comments [above] on Prof. Petersmann's article. "All academics learn from discussion and criticism of their published views. Hence, I congratulated the EJIL editors, Alston in 2002 and Weiler in 2008, when they invited a response to my articles in EJIL. Following the insulting EJIL comments by Alston in 2002, this…

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