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Europe’s Double Standard for China’s Overfishing

A decade ago, in January of 2010, the EU implemented a bold new initiative to counter the growing problem of overfishing around the world. This EU initiative consisted of an indirect enforcement system against nations located outside of Europe, by controlling the access of those nations to import their fishery products into the European marketplace. While fully respecting the sovereignty of these other nations, the EU developed an innovative way to shape and influence their behavior, thereby having a positive effect on a global threat. Over this past decade, the EU has implemented this initiative effectively against a number of nations. But an issue has arisen from an overlooked reality that the EU has not applied this initiative to the nation in the world that is the most culpable for overfishing: the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, a closer examination of this question is justified. The Global Security Challenge of Overfishing Overfishing in the world’s oceans is one of the greatest threats to global food security. In its 2018 State of…

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Export restrictions under scrutiny – the legal dimensions of export restrictions on personal protective equipment

 “A crisis without borders cannot be resolved by putting barriers between us. And yet, this is exactly the first reflex that many European countries had. This simply makes no sense. Because there is not one single Member State that can meet its own needs when it comes to vital medical supplies and equipment. Not one.”…

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Guest Editorial: Without a new European patriotism, the decline of the EU is inevitable

On 26 March, an utterly divided EU emerged from the European Council dedicated to European measures aimed at managing the severest crisis since 1929, one far worse  than the 2012-2017 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic and the transpiring economic and social crises present Europe with an extraordinary opportunity: to decide to move towards a deeper unity, or to decline…

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Panama’s Second Yellow Card: Global Takeaways in Combatting IUU Fishing and EU Trade-Related Measures

  Introduction International fisheries law instruments generally look unfavourably upon the implementation of unilateral trade-related measures to combat illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing (IPOA-IUU, para. 66). This remains the case despite their persistence in practice (Churchill 2019) and arguable necessity in stimulating or crystallising multilateral innovation. Nonetheless, 2019 concluded with numerous proposals for expanding unilateral…

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To Forget, But Not Forgive: Why the CJEU’s Latest Ruling on Google and the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ is Not at All a Win for US Tech Giants

  Google has recently triumphed in the fight against a worldwide application of the European "right to be forgotten" following the European Court of Justice’s ruling that Google does not have to take down search results revealing sensitive personal information of EU citizens worldwide, rejecting demands by the French Data Protection Authority. The long anticipated judgment by Europe’s…

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