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The European Commission’s proposal for a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence: two paradoxes

On 23 February 2022, the European Commission (EC) published a proposal for a directive on corporate sustainability due diligence (proposal). The proposal has already attracted much scholarly and stakeholder commentary. In this blog we focus on two significant issues not yet addressed. First, the proposal does not  refer to European regional human rights instruments such as the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Social Charter or the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. Second, it purports to establish more demanding human rights due diligence obligations for corporations than for EU Member States themselves. These features, we suggest, weaken the proposal and jeopardise its coherence with EU and human rights laws.

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A first insight into the EU proposal for a Directive on countering violence against women and domestic violence

On 8. March 2022, the European Commission launched the long-awaited proposal for a Directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence (the EU proposal or draft Directive). The proposal overtly declares to fill a gap in EU law, where there is no act specifically addressing VAW and DV (several instruments respond to specific aspects, such as…

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The EU Ban of RT and Sputnik: Concerns Regarding Freedom of Expression

On 2 March, the EU imposed sanctions against RT and Sputnik (Russian state-owned media outlets) because ‘RT and Sputnik are essential and instrumental in bringing forward and supporting Russia’s aggression against Ukraine’ In this essay, I wish to discuss whether the ban of these outlets in the EU is…

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Weaponisation of Migrants? Migrants as a (Political) Weapon and the EU Regulatory Response: What to Expect Now

State-sponsored mass migration can be a tremendously effective tool to destabilise a specific target country. The recent events at the Belarus-Polish border are only the most recent example of the so-called instrumentalisation of migration as an instrument of an aggressive foreign policy. The Belarus government pushed thousands of migrants from different countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, towards…

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Putin’s War against Ukraine: Mocking International Law

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an obvious violation of international law. Neither self-defense nor the entirely baseless accusation of a purported “genocide” in Eastern Ukraine serves as a sufficient legal basis and any Ukrainian concessions would be legally invalid. Russia has created a new and utterly sad textbook example of a violation of the prohibition of war –…

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