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Flag State responsibility in international human rights law for individuals on board private vessels

Introduction On 10 April 2024, the EU Parliament adopted new rules strengthening responsibility-sharing among member States in respect of management of migratory flows. The new Migration and Asylum Pact is the outcome of years of political negotiations, including in the light of the complex situation in the Mediterranean Sea. However, as we explain below, the principle of responsibility-sharing has a basis in international human rights law, too. In this post, we focus on the responsibility of flag States pursuant to international human rights law in respect of individuals rescued on the high seas by private vessels flying their flag.

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EU Space Law – Three reasons against, three reasons in favour

The EU Space Law is a legislative initiative of the European Commission with the purpose to establish a common EU approach to resilience, safety, and sustainability in space (see more in this EJIL:Talk! post). It was announced, rather unexpectedly, in September 2023 by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. According to the…

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Eunavfor Aspides and the Ratione Temporis Application of the Right of Self-Defence

The post is based on my previous one “La missione EUNAVFOR Aspides dell’Unione europea e l’applicazione ratione temporis del diritto di legittima difesa”, published (in Italian) on SIDIBlog on March 19, 2024 Introduction On February 19, 2024 the European Union (EU) launched EUNAVFOR Aspides, a military maritime security operation in…

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Understanding the New Ukraine Assistance Fund: A Game-Changer in EU Support to Ukraine?

After some nine months of intense diplomatic negotiations, the Ukraine Assistance Fund (UAF) has finally found its place in the EU legal framework. A political agreement was reached at ambassadorial level in COREPER on 13 March, and EU Foreign Ministers formally finalised it in the form of a Council Decision at the Foreign Affairs Council on 18…

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Immobilised Assets, Extraordinary Profits: The EU Council Decision on Russia’s Central Bank Reserves and Its Legal Challenges

On 28 February 2024, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that ‘it is time to start a conversation about using the windfall profits of frozen Russian assets to jointly purchase military equipment for Ukraine’. This statement comes on the heels of a decision adopted by the Council of the European Union (EU)…

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