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Amicus Curiae Brief in Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia

The European Court of Human Rights recently joined two major interstate cases pending before it – the interstate case filed by Ukraine and the Netherlands against Russia that concerned the downing of the MH17 airliner and events in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, which it declared admissible in January, with the new interstate application filed by Ukraine against Russia that concerns the full-scale invasion from February 2022 onward. The joined case will essentially require the Court to decide on whether Russia has violated the right to life in the conduct of hostilities in Ukraine, which are from Russia’s perspective largely taking place extraterritorially. At the admissibility stage of the first case the Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham filed an amicus curiae brief, co-authored by Sangeeta Shah and myself, dealing solely with the downing of the MH17. The HRLC was invited by the Grand Chamber to file a brief on the merits as well, which we have now done. It’s available on SSRN for any readers who…

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The Objective Friends of the Court – New Insights into the Role of Third Parties before the European Court of Human Rights

On 20 March 2023, the European Court of Human Rights published a Practice Direction on the modalities of Third-Party Intervention and announced an amendment of the Rules of Court. The clarifications and changes contained therein could not come at a better time. Just three days earlier, the Court had announced that 26 member States would intervene…

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J.A. and Others v. Italy – Is the European Court of Human Rights turning its focus to maritime migrants?

Between 9 and 10 March 2023, around 1,350 migrants arrived on the island of Lampedusa (Italy) by boat after a dangerous crossing of the central Mediterranean Sea. These reports are nothing new. Lampedusa has been known in recent years for the inhuman conditions in its overcrowded ‘hotspot centres’ for migrants. More generally,…

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KlimaSeniorinnen v. Switzerland – A New Era for Climate Change Protection or Proceeding with the Status Quo?

Climate change scholars and members of the public are dedicating their attention to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR, the Court) in Strasbourg, where its first climate change cases are being decided. Currently, three climate cases are pending before the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR: Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland (application no. 53600/20), Carême v.

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Climate Change hearings and the ECtHR

On March the 29th, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights held oral hearings in two of the three climate change claims before the Chamber. The two cases are Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland and Carême v. France. Both cases were relinquished to the Grand Chamber last year and the Chamber…

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