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A Response to Simon Chesterman “We Can’t Spy….If We Can’t Buy!”

Martin Trybus is Professor of European Law and Policy and Director of the Institute of European Law at the BirminghamLawSchool…

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A Comment on Simon Chesterman on the Privatization of Intelligence

Prof. Chesterman’s article does an excellent job in exposing and explaining the phenomenon of the privatization of intelligence in recent years, particularly in the United States. To someone who, like myself, has followed the PMSCs debate only on the margins, the information that 70% of the US intelligence budget is spent on private contractors came as somewhat of a shock. …

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The Privatization of Intelligence

Editors note: Over the coming days we will be discussing (see here) Professor Simon Chesterman's article: "We Can't Spy . .  . If…

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Online Discussion of Private Military Companies and International Law

This is a Featured Post. Some more recent posts appear below. One of the purposes of this blog is to provide a forum for discussion of the scholarship that appears in the European Journal of International Law. From time to time, we will host  online exchanges which respond to, as well as provide informed…

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Editorial: EJIL Vol. 19:5

Kadi - Europe's Medellin?; Georgia: Plus ça change, Plus ça reste la même chose. In this Issue: EJIL:Debate! Marking the Anniversary of the UDHR (Contd.); Private Armies - A Symposium; Articles and Review Essays; Outside this Issue: EJIL:Talk! Kadi Just like the Supreme Court's decision in Medellin (see EJIL Editorial to Volume 19:2) some months ago, the ECJ's decision…

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