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Following my posts (here and here) about elections to the International Court of Justice of judges who had previously been on another international tribunal, I have another question for readers. Giorgio Gaja who was elected to the ICJ last month (see here) is currently an ad hoc  judge in the Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Germany v. Italy: Greece intervening) case. He had also been ad hoc judge in three previous ICJ cases. The question is: Which judges of the ICJ had served as ad hoc judges at the ICJ prior to their election to the ICJ? Note that I am asking for ICJ judges who were appointed ad hoc judges before they became full time judges on the ICJ. I am excluding those ad…

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Prior International Judicial Experience and Election to the ICJ – The Answers

In my post of yesterday I tried to come up with a bit of international law trivia. I asked readers to come with names of ICJ Judges who had been on international tribunals prior to their election to the ICJ. You can see the answers readers came up…

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Prior International Judicial Experience and Election to the ICJ

In my previous post on the election of Julia Sebutinde I noted that she is currently a judge at the Special Court of Sierra Leone. This got me thinking about whether there were other judges elected to the ICJ having previously served on another international tribunal. It is not uncommon for persons who have served as senior…

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Who is Party to the Geneva Convention but not a Member of the UN?

Last week (Aug 12) was the 61st anniversary of the adoption of the 1949 Geneva Conventions on the protection of victims of armed conflict. The Geneva Conventions are the most widely ratified treaties with 194 parties to each of the four conventions. The next most widely ratified treaty is the Convention on the Rights of…

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