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Trivia: NO Individual Opinions by Judges at the International Court of Justice – UPDATED

Following my previous question on the ICJ case in which every judge has written an individual opinion, I have a question dealing with the opposite phenomenon: In which International Court of Justice case or advisory proceedings have none of the judges involved in the case, appended an individual (or joint) opinion to a judgment or opinion of the Court? In other words, in the case(s) or proceedings in question, there was only a single judgment - the Judgment of the Court. No judge wrote a separate opinion, a dissenting opinion or a declaration? Just to be clear, I am asking only about individual or joint opinions appended to judgments by the Court. By judgment, I mean a judgment either on the merits or on a preliminary objection regarding jurisdition or admissibility. I also include advisory opinions.  I exclude from the question orders on provisional measures or other procedural orders.It is quite common for there to be no individual opinions appended to orders on procedural matters. However, it is rare for the judges to be so restrained when it comes to judgments. Usually, one or more of them wishes…

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International Law Trivia Questions: Prize Offered! Individual Opinions by All Judges in an International Court of Justice Case – UPDATE WITH ANSWER AND FURTHER UPDATE

UPDATE: See below for updates with answer to the question posed below and to the further question asked below. At the end of 2011, I had a series of posts asking some trivia questions regarding the International Court of Justice and international judges in general (see here, here, here,…

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Award of Compensation by International Tribunals in Inter-State Cases: ICJ Decision in the Diallo Case – UPDATED

UPDATE: See below for answers to my trivia question asking  for cases where compensation was awarded by an international tribunal to one State for violation by another State of international law other than cases of diplomatic protection. This week, the International Court of Justice decided that the Democratic Republic of Congo is…

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Another Question on ICJ Judges – UPDATED

I have yet another question about ICJ Judges. Perhaps this is quite an easy one. Which ICJ Judges or ICJ ad hoc judge have been the child of an ICJ Judge or ICJ ad hoc Judge? To clarify, both the parent and the child have sat on the ICJ bench as either a judge or an ad hoc judge. Answers…

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ICJ Judges Who Were Previously Ad Hoc Judges – The Answers

In a previous post, I asked: Which judges of the ICJ had served as ad hoc judges at the ICJ prior to their election to the ICJ? Wim Muller was very quick off the mark in noting that on the ICJ current bench, Bernardo Sepúlveda-Amor (Mexico) was an ad hoc judge in the Avena…

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