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Black Lives Matter and International Law

We are today launching a symposium which will run over the next few weeks, with the aim of bringing together legal experts on various intersecting issues relating to the Black Lives Matter movement, police violence in America, and the historic racism and inequality that is demonstrated by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many other Black Americans at the hands of the American police force. Our aim is to discuss a variety of global and international law issues related to these events, and to consider how international law could play a part in the movement for social justice. This symposium emerges out of lengthy debates among the EJIL:Talk! editors. As individuals, many international lawyers were horrified by the scenes in the United States, and further horrified as details emerged of the number of racialised attacks and deaths in Europe, including at the hands of law enforcement in European states. We wanted to understand what EJIL:Talk! as a blog could meaningfully contribute. In the present authors’ view, there is…

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How We Stop Talking Past Each Other: A Rejoinder to Hoekman and Nelson’s Reply to My Article on Narratives about Winners and Losers from Globalization

When Donald Trump was elected to the US presidency, the instinctive reaction of many public officials, trade economists and international economic lawyers was to fight back. And fight back they did – in reports, op-eds, blog posts, and interviews. It did not appear as though it would be particularly hard to win the argument: Trump’s economic illiteracy was…

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New EJIL: Live! Interview with Dr Michelle Burgis-Kasthala

In this episode of EJIL: Live! Professor Joseph Weiler speaks with Dr Michelle Burgis-Kasthala, Lecturer in Public International Law at the University of Edinburgh Law School, about her article “Entrepreneurial Justice: Syria, the Commission for International Justice and Accountability and the Renewal of International Criminal Justice”, which appears in our 30:4 issue. In the article, Dr Burgis-Kasthala evaluates…

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The Risk and Opportunity of the Humanisation of International Anti-Corruption Law: A Rejoinder to Kevin E. Davis and Franco Peirone

Editor's note: In the EJIL: Debate! section of the latest issue of EJIL (Vol. 29 (2018) No. 4), Anne Peters presents her provocative and disrupting idea of corruption as a violation of international human rights. Kevin Davis and Franco Peirone respond to this challenging thesis and Anne Peters rejoins in this post. …

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UNCITRAL and ISDS Reforms: Concerns about Costs, Transparency, Third Party Funding and Counterclaims

As explained in a previous post, we have put together four posts that compile the most relevant quotes from the first two meetings of the UNCITRAL Working Group sessions on states’ concerns about investor-state dispute settlement. To facilitate discussions about the desirability of reforms and their potential nature, we have organized these quotes into key themes that…

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