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Introducing David Lefkowitz’s Philosophy and International Law

David Lefkowitz’s new book Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2020) comes at a critical time in the conversation between international law scholars and practitioners, on the one hand, and philosophers, whether legal, moral, or political, on the other. More dialogue among scholars of international law and philosophy Until about fifteen years ago, philosophical inquiry related to the international legal order was generally limited to a few issues within political and moral philosophy, notably distributive justice and just war theory. Since that time, an expansion has taken place in two directions. First, political and moral philosophers are writing about other aspects of the global political order, including title to territory, refugees and migration, climate change, international trade, and the proper role of international courts. A small smattering of examples would include Simon Caney 2006, Thomas Christiano 2015, Serena Parekh 2020, and Anna Stilz 2020.  As for international rules themselves, some philosophers have made them the target of their inquiry, or integrated them in different ways…

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Book Symposium: David Lefkowitz’s Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (CUP, 2020)

The blog is pleased to announce that over the next week, we will be hosting a discussion of David Lefkowitz’s recently published book Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (CUP, 2020). David Lefkowitz is Professor of Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law at the University of Richmond.

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Favourite Readings 2020 – Remembering George Steiner

George Steiner, Errata. An Examined Life (Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1997) Timothy Mitchell, Colonising Egypt (Cambridge University Press, 1991) Steven L. Winter, A Clearing in the Forest. Law, Life and Mind (The University of Chicago Press, 2001) Lucien Febvre and Henri-Jean Martin, The Coming of the Book. The Impact of Printing, 1450-1800 (Transl. David Gerard, Verso, 2010)…

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Favourite Readings 2020 – Reading in 2020

Lori Gottlieb, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Scribe Publications 2019) Irvin D. Yalom, Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir(Basic Books 2017) Marion Brasch, Ab jetzt ist Ruhe. Roman meiner fabelhaften Familie (S. Fischer 2012) Lutz Sailer, Stern 111 (Suhrkamp 2020) Giovanni Arrighi, The Long Twentieth Century. Money, Power and the Origins of Our Times (Verso 1994, 2ndedition…

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Favourite Readings 2020 – Less Time to Travel – Less Time to Read?

Klaus Vieweg, Hegel – Der Philosoph der Freiheit (C.H. Beck, 2020) Edmund Fawcett, Conservatism. The Fight for a Tradition (Princeton University Press, 2020) Gert Ueding, Wo noch niemand war. Erinnerungen an Ernst Bloch (Klöpfer & Meyer, 2016) As in previous years, EJIL’s Review section, has invited EJIL board members and (associate) editors to…

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