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EJIL:Talk! Discussion of Dunoff & Trachtman “Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law and Global Governmance”

Over the next couple of weeks, EJIL:Talk! will host a discussion of a recent book edited by Jeffrey Dunoff and Joel Trachman - Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law and Global Governance (Cambridge, 2009). This is a major work by leading scholars which examines constitutionalism and constitutional discourse in a range of areas of international law. According to the book's publishers (Cambridge University Press): Ruling the World?: Constitutionalism, International Law, and Global Governance provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the major developments and central questions in debates over international constitutionalism at the UN, EU, WTO, and other sites of global governance. The essays in this volume explore controversial empirical and structural questions, doctrinal and normative issues, and questions of institutional design and positive political theory. Ruling the World? grows out of a three-year research project that brought twelve leading scholars together to create a comprehensive and integrated framework for understanding global constitutionalization. Ruling the World? is the first volume to explore in a cross-cutting way constitutional discourse across international regimes, constitutional pluralism, and relations among…

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