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The Aggression Negotiations at the ICC Review Conference

We are now in Day 7 of the Review Conference for the International Criminal Court in Kampala, with yesterday evening being a very active period in the negotiations as evidenced by the release this morning of a revised Conference Room Paper on the Crime of Aggression (CRP Rev. 2) and a proposal by Canada to complement that already made by Argentina, Brazil and Switzerland (the ABS proposal). As predicted, much of Days 5 and 6 of the Review Conference were concerned with the setting out of initial positions on the crime of aggression, with only an hour being spent on the discussion of other amendments during Day 5. A slightly revised version of the proposed amendments to article 8 were adopted with ease on Friday, at least at the working group level, subject to the discussion concerning the correct amendment procedure, but division remains as to whether or not to delete article 124 from the Statute, with the coordinators of the Working Group on Other Amendments suggesting that further informal discussions are needed before action is taken.

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UK’s Iraq Inquiry Invites Submissions on Legal Arguments Used by UK to Justify the War

As we have previously noted here, the inquiry established by the UK to examine the UK's involvement in the Iraq War has spent some time taking evidence on the legal justification put forward by the UK for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, as well as on the manner in which legal advice on the issue was formulated and presented.

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More on Drones, Self-Defense, and the Alston Report on Targeted Killings

First off, some personal news - I am very happy to report that I will be taking up a lectureship at the University of Nottingham School of Law starting this September. It's a truly excellent school, with some wonderful colleagues, and I do look forward to working there. Now, on to business: The whole Gaza flotilla affair has occupied so…

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The End of Stocktaking and on to the Main Event

We continue with our coverage of the Review Conference for the International Criminal Court, (see here, here and here), taking place at a resort on the shores of Lake Victoria, outside Kampala, Uganda (and well-insulated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life). Readers may be interested in comments on the stocktaking exercise that has occupied the…

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ICC Review Conference: Taking Stock of Stocktaking

In the opening days of the Review Conference, one often heard references to the Review Conference as an “historic event” and a “second constitutional moment”.  With the significant exception of the possible adoption of the crime of aggression, which would indeed be a profound development, there is reason to ask whether the Conference is more a “constitutional moment”…

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