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The Law of Immunity and the Prosecution of the Head of State of the Russian Federation for International Crimes in the War against Ukraine

The debate on how to prosecute the international crimes linked to the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is ongoing (for example, here, here and here). One of the most prominent aspects of the debate concerns the question of how to prosecute the persons who are allegedly most responsible for such crimes, particularly, the head of state of the Russian Federation and commander-in-chief of its armed forces, Vladimir Putin.

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Two weeks in Review, 2 January – 15 January

ICC John Cubbon analyzes the recent decision of the International Criminal Court's Appeals Chamber to uphold the conviction and sentence of Dominic Ongwen. Specifically, noting the court's decision not to refer to Ongwen’s past…

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Tilting the Playing Field

“Levelling the playing field” has been one of the buzzwords of the European Union (EU)’s external economic policy over the last few years. In essence, through various instruments including free trade agreements, the EU has been trying to ensure that foreign entities, goods and services are subject to similar regulatory burdens as their EU counterparts when engaging in…

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ICC Investigation in Georgia: A Success Story?

The conclusion of the investigation phase in the Situation in Georgia by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has once again brought into the spotlight the often overlooked conflict between Georgia and Russia that took place in August 2008 over the occupied territory of South Ossetia. After months of internal escalation in the breakaway…

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Happy New Year for 2023 and our Most Read Posts of 2022

Happy New Year to all our readers! 2022 was a busy year for us on the blog, probably our busiest year yet. We probably published more posts last year than in any previous year. We typically try to keep posts to no more than one a day but last year we had periods where we were publishing two…

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