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Editorial: The Legality of the Israeli Annexation – Redux

Once the American Administration recanted its long standing position as regards Israeli settlements, one could expect, as day follows night, that a shift on annexation would also follow, much to the delight of the Israeli government. It played well to the internal political agenda of both governments. In the case of settlements the State Department at least issued a halfhearted legal justification. In the case of the annexation not even this. The fact that it may be seen as part of the American so called “Deal of the Century” (The Trump Peace Plan) does not in and of itself constitute a justification under international law. Most observers, both within and without Israel, consider both annexation of, and most settlements in, the West Bank as blatant violations of international law, and rightly so. The establishment of settlements violates the prohibition on the transfer of the civilian population of the occupying power into the occupied territory, embedded in Article 49 of the fourth Geneva Convention, whereas annexation violates the UN Charter prohibition on the…

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How We Stop Talking Past Each Other: A Rejoinder to Hoekman and Nelson’s Reply to My Article on Narratives about Winners and Losers from Globalization

When Donald Trump was elected to the US presidency, the instinctive reaction of many public officials, trade economists and international economic lawyers was to fight back. And fight back they did – in reports, op-eds, blog posts, and interviews. It did not appear as though it would be particularly hard to win the argument: Trump’s economic illiteracy was…

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New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 30 (2019) No. 4)- Now Published

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law  (Vol. 30 (2019) No. 4) is now out. As usual, the table of contents of the new issue is available at EJIL’s own website, where readers can access those articles that are freely available without subscription. The free access article in this issue is Michelle…

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Celebrating Peer Review: EJIL’s Roll of Honour and Announcement of the first EJIL Peer Review Prize

What makes for a good scholar? Brilliant articles and inspiring lectures – important, but not enough. No matter how solitary scholarly work can feel, it is always embedded in and dependent on a community: a community in which ideas are shared, reviewed and discussed. I hope that many of us will be able to think of some scholars…

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Once Upon a Time in Catalonia…

The year 2025 was a turning point in the never-ending Catalan saga. A new Spanish Government, wanting to reach ‘Once and For All Closure’, agreed to endorse a referendum in Catalonia – believing the Remainers would win. They took all necessary constitutional steps to allow the referendum to go ahead. A fierce but orderly campaign ensued.

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