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In the Dock, in Paris – The Judgment

UPDATE: The full text of the Judgment is now available below; some minor technical issues were fixed. UPDATE 2: An unofficial translation of the Judgment into English is now available here. On March 3, 2011, the Tribunal de Grand Instance de Paris issued its decision in the Criminal Libel Case brought against me based on a complaint by Dr Karine Calvo-Goller. It would appear that the Court ruled in our favor on all issues. As will be recalled, the case was brought in my capacity as Editor in Chief of the European Journal of International Law and its associated Book Review website www.GlobalLawBooks.org. It was brought as a result of my refusal to remove a Review, written by the distinguished German academic Thomas Weigend, critical of a book written by Dr Karin Calvo-Goller. Dr Calvo-Goller claimed the Review was libelous and demanded its suppression. I offered her a right-of-reply which was declined. Since I did not consider the Review libelous its removal in my view would have seriously…

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In this Issue: Vol. 21/4 [EJIL Editorial]

We begin this fourth and final issue of EJIL's Volume 21 with a mini-symposium on sovereign immunity, which includes two papers. The first, by Dapo Akande and Sangeeta Shah, distinguishes the various categories of immunities conferred under international law. The second paper by Jasper Finke examines competing conceptions of immunity before arguing that it is…

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Snippets from the Mailbox of the Editor: Poaching and Masthead Changes[EJIL Editorial]

Our publisher, OUP, forwarded to me a complaint from another journal of international law. Apparently, an author who submitted an article to that journal and subsequently accepted to publish it therein, withdrew his piece at the last minute since, he explained to the justly irritated editors, another, ‘more prestigious’ journal published by OUP to which he had simultaneously…

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Dispatch from the Euro Titanic: And the Orchestra Played On [EJIL Editorial]

These are challenging times for the European Union. Internally, important, even fundamental, decisions are on the agenda as the Union struggles with the Euro crisis and its underlying economic fissures. (Mercifully, the scapegoating of the USA as an escape from facing Europe’s very own breathtaking governmental and private-sector financial and fiscal irresponsibility has all but disappeared – mercifully,…

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In the Dock, in Paris

My entire professional life has been in the law, but nothing had prepared me for this. I have been a tenured faculty member  at the finest institutions, most recently Harvard and NYU.  I have held visiting appointments from Florence to Singapore, from Melbourne to Jerusalem. I have acted as legal counsel to governments on four continents, handled cases…

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