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Editorial: EJIL Vol. 20:2

Gaza - From Warfare to Lawfare. For many years I taught a Seminar on the legal aspects of the Arab Israeli conflict at Harvard Law School. It was unlike any other of my courses or seminars. The participants, students and researchers, were more passionate and engaged than normal. As expected, there was always a group of passionate pro-Israelis (mostly but not exclusively Jewish). There was always a group of passionate pro-Arabs, or, at times it felt, anti-Israelis (mostly but, of course, not exclusively Jewish) Sure, they came to learn, but mostly how to sharpen the arguments for 'their' side in the conflict. "Lawfare" - the continuation of warfare through other means - well describes the gestalt. There were, of course, also a few  who came to learn, understand, disentangle myth from reality, sort out the facts and, normatively, seek a modicum of truth and justice in a conflict which often seems to pit right against right, and wrong against wrong. But not once did this latter group constitute a critical mass. Law…

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EJIL at Twenty!

EJIL at Twenty: A Family Affair I am both the most and least qualified person to mark the 20th anniversary of the European Journal of International Law. In its organizational aspects, social scientists would probably comment – à titre juste – that EJIL demonstrates a low degree of institutionalization. It has, from its inception, been a family affair and to…

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Editorial: EJIL Vol. 19:5

Kadi - Europe's Medellin?; Georgia: Plus ça change, Plus ça reste la même chose. In this Issue: EJIL:Debate! Marking the Anniversary of the UDHR (Contd.); Private Armies - A Symposium; Articles and Review Essays; Outside this Issue: EJIL:Talk! Kadi Just like the Supreme Court's decision in Medellin (see EJIL Editorial to Volume 19:2) some months ago, the ECJ's decision…

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Letters to the Editor: Respond to EJIL Editorials (Vol. 19:4)

Editorial: Marking the Anniversary of the Universal Declaration; The Irish No and the Lisbon Treaty Marking the Anniversary of the Universal Declaration The interest of EJIL in, and its commitment to, the study, research and reflection on the place of fundamental human rights in the international legal system is an ontological facet of EJIL's identity. This is not surprising given…

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