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ChatGPT and law exams

To suggest that AI is upending our world in a myriad of ways is by now a banality. To suggest that it poses a challenge to the very human condition, perhaps more so than previous technological revolutions, is, if not a banality at least a matter of extensive public discussion and debate. That there are no easy, consensus solutions has become self-evident. Here is but one much discussed example. Set aside the issue of deception. Imagine an AI that produces, say, a piece of music, or a painting, or poem. Openly and transparently. Acknowledging that it is in the ‘school of’ Mozart, or Titian or Szymborska, respectively. Imagine further that the ‘machine’ did a really good job. Would you, should you, enjoy it differently than you would if it were produced by a human, flesh and blood? The literature is conflicted, and I cannot even disentangle my own reactions to this. This, as mentioned, is but one tiny example. It will not be a short, or easy, process of civilizational and, perhaps, regulatory adjustment.

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Israel: Cry, the Beloved Country

This piece is cross-posted on Verfassungsblog. Israel, like many other democracies today, is a deeply polarized society. The operating principle of public discourse is typically: ‘Art thou for us or for our adversaries’ (Joshua 5:13). Whether it is the never-ending Arab-Israeli conflict and the 55-year Occupation of the Territories (even how to call them both…

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Why do the Nations so Furiously Rage Together?

Happy New Year to all our readers, especially in those places visited by rage.   Why do the nations So furiously rage together? Why do the people Imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth rise up And the rulers take counsel together Take counsel together Against the Lord And…

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Bread and Circus: How Life Imitates the Mundial (or is it the other way round)?

Let us begin with the Mundial. I write this Editorial on the day after the Semifinals in Qatar. For football (soccer) lovers as myself (from the couch, I fear) it has been an exhibition of splendid football as well as an exciting and full-of-surprises competition. Elation and disappointments abounded. Think, to give but one example, of…

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10 Good Reads 2022

Here is my pick of ‘Good Reads’ from the books I read in 2022. I want to remind you, as I do every year, that these are not ‘book reviews’, which also explains the relative paucity of law books or books about the law. Many excellent ones have come my way in 2022, as in previous years, but…

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