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Altneueland – European Law Open published by Cambridge University Press: Welcome

There is cause for celebration in the European legal publishing world and indeed beyond: a new journal, European Law Open (ELO), is published by Cambridge University Press. We warmly welcome this new venture. ELO is unlike any other learned journal dedicated to European law. It has an illustrious past in the form of the pioneering European Law Journal (ELJ), which first blazed a trail beyond the more traditional forms of legal scholarship to which other European law journals at the time were mainly dedicated.    Some readers may recall the outraged Editorial we wrote a couple of years ago in response to what we considered to be the entirely unethical and anti-academic conduct of Wiley Publishing, which led to the collective resignation of ELJ’s Editors-in-Chief and its entire Editorial and Advisory Boards. You might want to refresh your memory here. It is both an ugly and a sobering story. It is a stark and unpleasant example of how the relationship between a publisher and an academic scholarly journal should not be. As…

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In This Issue – Reviews

Our Review section features one essay and five regular reviews. Heike Krieger’s essay discusses Don Herzog’s Sovereignty RIP, a forceful call to ‘bury’ a so-called ‘zombie concept’. Krieger finds the work engaging, but suggests that Herzog, largely drawing on Anglo-American practice, fails to recognize the ambiguities and ambivalences of sovereignty. In her view, sovereignty is best characterized as a Grundbegriff (in the sense…

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In This Issue

Not long before EJIL’s 30th birthday, EJIL’s Scientific Advisory and Editorial Boards met to discuss which topics merited the attention of a 30th birthday symposium. Two topics received a lot of support: Democracy & International Law and Inequalities & International Law. Since there is often more truth in the concept ‘both’ rather than that of ‘either/or’, we decided…

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Vital Statistics

We publish our customary EJIL statistics below. The numbers largely speak for themselves. We make every effort to publish diverse scholarship (methodologically, conceptually, normatively and subject matter wise) and to diversify our authorship (gender, regions, seniority, and so on). We are, of course, ‘prisoners’ of our mailbox – the pool of articles submitted to EJIL. We…

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On My Way Out – Advice to Young Scholars VII: Taking Exams Seriously (Part 1)

I have, as is increasingly evident, reached the final phases of my academic and professional career, and as I look back I want to offer, for what it is worth, some dos and don’ts on different topics for scholars in the early phases of theirs. This is the seventh instalment, and it is dedicated to that central feature…

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