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Message from the Editors of EJIL and ICON

A great deal of the production process of EJIL and ICON takes place in India. We are all aware of the enormity of the COVID challenge facing India and its painful human cost. We express our solidarity with the members of the journal production teams in India. We also trust that our authors and readers will accept the inevitable delays with understanding. The Editors…

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EJIL Roll of Honour; 2020 EJIL Peer Reviewer Prize; Legal/Illegal

EJIL Roll of Honour EJIL relies on the good will of colleagues in the international law community who generously devote their time and energy to act as peer reviewers for the large number of submissions we receive. Without their efforts our Journal would not be able to maintain the excellent standards to which we strive. A…

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Peer Review – Institutional Hypocrisy and Author Ambivalence

You will forgive my ‘deformation professionnelle’ by returning again and again to the subject of peer reviewing. Most law faculties in most jurisdictions have been moving toward the use of various modes of quantitative indicators in the process of appointment and promotion of their faculty. Even the United States, which until recently has been a blessed…

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In this Issue

The Articles section of this issue opens with an empirical study by Laurence Helfer and Erik Voeten, which identifies – through an analysis of minority opinions – an increase in European Court of Human Rights judgments that implicitly overturn prior progressive judgments. The authors suggest that these judgments represent a response to the populist backlash against human rights.

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10 Good Reads – Part 2

Editor's Note: Part 1 of 10 Good Reads can be found here.  Witold Gombrowicz, Bacacay (transl. Bill Johnston. Archipelago, 2006) I am a very late comer to Gombrowicz – through a casual remark by Tokarczuk in an interview to FAZ, saying that in her view he merited a Nobel. He did not –…

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