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The Unequal Impact of the Pandemic on Scholars with Care Responsibilities: What Can Journals (and Others) Do?

COVID-19 has been devastating in all sorts of ways for communities and individuals everywhere, exacerbating existing inequalities and structural injustices, such as those pertaining to race, gender, and wealth. And while the harms have been more brutal and life-changing in other contexts, the highly uneven impact of the pandemic has been felt amongst the relatively privileged scholarly community around the world too. The adverse effects of COVID-19 on scholarly work, and the costs of the pandemic, have been unevenly distributed across the academic community in ways that are becoming increasingly evident. In an ideal society, one free of patriarchal structures and practices, one would expect the burdens of caregiving to be evenly distributed. As a result, in such a society, the impact of the pandemic-related closing of schools and care-giving facilities would also be equally distributed. Unfortunately, the reality is otherwise. Even in pre-pandemic times, in heterosexual marriages, women do significantly more work, both in terms of housework and child-rearing, than their partners (see K. Manne, Entitled (2020), at 120-137). And in American law…

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Cancelling Carl Schmitt?

Sooner or later, I have been telling myself, we, too, editors of learned journals and the like will face this issue, which has been at the centre of controversy in other areas of public life. A European colleague recently sent me a letter he received from a student-edited American law journal in which the editors asked him to…

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In This Issue – Reviews

If we think of reviews, in an old-fashioned way, as conversations about books, then this Issue marks a return to some of EJIL’s favourite topics. Investment law, the law of treaties and human rights to name three. And so we feature reviews of important new works on business and human rights (Robert McCorquodale on Legal Sources on Business and Human Rights), on the…

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On My Way In II: Countering Gender Stereotypes in Letters of Reference and Shifting Academic Valorization While We Are at It

It is that time of year again. After months (October-December) of producing one letter of reference after another, it is the season to collect those written by colleagues. I am seeking inspiration for my next season of writing: How does this colleague manage to make me think that the next Marie Curie/Albert Einstein is applying? What lengths do…

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In this Issue; Changes in the Masthead

In this Issue The first issue of 2021 is dedicated to an EJIL Symposium on International Law and Democracy Revisited. This Symposium is the outcome of a process that began with a Call for Papers issued by EJIL in 2019, marking three decades of EJIL scholarship as well as three decades of ‘International Law and Democracy’ scholarship. The…

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