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Brexit – Apportioning the Blame

The immediate prevailing emotion on the eve of Brexit is a form of relief. It is understandable and benign. The three-year farce has taken its toll. Closure, at last. There is another sense of relief, felt by many, understandable too, though less benign. It is the ‘good riddance’ form of relief. It is easily detected and openly declared by the British Brexiteers: good riddance to Europe. (Yes, we are back to speaking of Great Britain and Europe). But it also is quite widely shared in Europe, though spoken quietly and behind closed doors: good riddance to Britain, often accompanied by ‘de Gaulle was right after all’; ‘they (the Brits) never really embraced the European Construct; never really believed in “An ever closer Union”’; ‘they never shed their Island mentality, their pathetic Battle of Britain ethos’, and similar sentiments. What underlies this sentiment is treating Britain as a Special Case, an ab initio error that has finally been corrected. No one should cheer this day. Europe is the poorer in so many ways…

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In This Issue

The last issue of EJIL’s 30th anniversary volume opens with our ‘Afterword’ rubric, in which Janne E. Nijman, Francesca Iurlaro and Benjamin Straumann react to Martti Koskenniemi’s EJIL Foreword, ‘Imagining the Rule of Law: Rereading the Grotian “Tradition”’, published in our first issue of the year. The Articles section opens with a contribution by Raffaela Kunz,…

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New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 30 (2019) No. 4) Out Soon

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law will be published soon. Over the coming days, we will have a series of editorial posts by Joseph Weiler and Sarah Nouwen, Editors-in-Chief of EJIL. These posts will appear in the Editorial of the new issue.  Here is the Table of Contents for this…

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Guest Editorial: Without a new European patriotism, the decline of the EU is inevitable

On 26 March, an utterly divided EU emerged from the European Council dedicated to European measures aimed at managing the severest crisis since 1929, one far worse  than the 2012-2017 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic and the transpiring economic and social crises present Europe with an extraordinary opportunity: to decide to move towards a deeper unity, or to decline…

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We are pulled in opposite directions in the face of a global upending of normal life. We find it attractive, even if hunkered down at home, as is our whole editorial team, in six different countries, to continue serenely our normal work in the face of a-normalcy. The life of the mind, the scholarly endeavor continues – even…

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