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It’s a Scam: Third-party Services Promising (Smoother) Publication in EJIL

An author recently contacted us to ask: a) Whether EJIL collaborates with external service providers for manuscript submissions; b) Whether there is an official process through which third parties can facilitate submissions or communications with the journal; c) Whether we could verify the authenticity of the ‘certificate of acceptance’ that he had received (a certificate with the logos of Oxford University Press and Scopus). The author had engaged the services of an online company that, in his words, ‘claimed to facilitate manuscript submissions’ to EJIL and that ‘asserted [to] have direct communication with one of [the EJIL] editors’. The author had paid a ‘substantial fee’ for their services and had then received a certificate of acceptance, signed by the chief editor of the company that he had paid, stating that his paper had ‘Received Official Endorsement of Acceptance from the journal of European Journal of International Law …, affiliated with Oxford University Press and indexed on Scopus … for the publication and…

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Cracking the Code: How Podchasov v. Russia Upholds Encryption and Reshapes Surveillance

On February 13, 2024, the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg Court) issued its verdict in Podchasov v. Russia. The case involved a statute that (i) established a data retention scheme, and (ii) permitted law enforcement to order the decryption of collected data. The applicant in this case, a Telegram user, challenged an order that required Telegram…

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EJIL Roll of Honour

EJIL relies on the good will of colleagues in the international law community who generously devote their time and energy to act as peer reviewers for the large number of submissions we receive. Without their efforts our Journal would not be able to maintain the excellent standards to which we strive. We thank the following colleagues for their…

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A Note on Peer Reviewing; 2023 EJIL Peer Reviewer Prize

A Note on Peer Reviewing EJIL has published a number of Editorials (see here, here, here and here) on the crucial and still undervalued role of peer review in academic scholarship. Yet our statistics continue to speak clearly about ‘the crisis in peer review’ (referring to our 2012 Editorial): in 2023,…

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In This Issue – Reviews 

Sigrid Boysen opens the section with her review of Marie-Catherine Petersmann's When Environmental Protection and Human Rights Collide.  Boysen finds much to agree with in Petersmann’s account and notably praises her challenge to the ‘mantra of synergy’ according to which human rights protection and international environmental law are in a mutually supportive relationship.  We move on to Prisca…

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