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Just Transitions in Climate Change Actions: Are States Respecting, Promoting, and Considering Human Rights Obligations in Setting and Implementing NDCs?

Recent exchanges hosted on EJIL:Talk! on climate action and how to go about "mainstreaming" it (see here and here) provide a microcosmic view of the ongoing challenges of State policies to transition and transform economies to reach treaty commitments under the Paris Agreement, including States' commitments as indicated in their publicly registered nationally determined contributions.  International lawyers making pledges of personal and professional climate actions and prescribing specific climate actions themselves, encounter resistance from others who contest what the professional responsibilities of lawyers are, and whether such prescriptions are consistent with notions of professional responsibility and ethics.  What is really at the source of the dispute there, is no different than the source of the dispute between and within States on who has the authority to decide what climate action, in particular, should be taken.  Whether it is the current logjam in the United States' efforts to reach agreement on a multi-trillion infrastructure spending bill which certain progressives want to be conditioned on climate change and social protection measures; the most recent Intergovernmental…

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Why The Netherlands should ratify CETA

International law has been front-page news in The Netherlands for the past weeks as the Dutch Parliament is debating whether or not to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA). The so-called Second Chamber (Chamber of Representatives) approved such ratification in February 2020 and the issue will be put to a…

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The Revived Debate over Development and Human Rights: Economic Self-Determination, Sovereignty, and Non-Discrimination in State Policies

2017 closed, and 2018 began, with triumphant pronouncements of economic recovery in the United States (e.g. the US economy growing again at its fastest pace at 3.2% GDP growth rate, lowest unemployment rate at 4.1%) and the European Union (e.g. registering its highest GDP growth rate in ten years at 2.2%) - leading the International…

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