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Climate Change Hearings and the ECtHR Round II

On Wednesday the 26th of September, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights held oral hearings in Duarte Agostinho and Others v. Portugal and 32 others, which is one of the three climate change cases currently pending before the Grand Chamber (seven other cases have been adjourned pending the Grand Chamber’s decision in these cases). Hearings in the other two cases before the Grand Chamber, Verein KlimaSenorinnen Schweitz and Others v Switzerland and Carême v. France, were held in March and are discussed here. The Duarte case, discussed previously here and here, is arguably the most ambitious of the claims before the Court and arguably also the most challenging as far as the applicants’ claims go. As noted in the blog posts on the previous hearings, attempting to distill too much and trying to predict what the Grand Chamber’s final decision might be based purely on the hearing and the written submissions is challenging. That…

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To report or not to report GHG emissions in occupied territories. A practical approach for having a more accurate world count of global GHG emissions.

Climate change is a global environmental problem that needs the participation and cooperation of all States to effectively protect the Earth’s climate system for present and future generations. Despite the high number of States Parties that the UN climate change regime has, the regime is silent about who should report the green-house gases (GHG) emissions in occupied…

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General Comment No.26 on Children and the Environment – A Milestone in International Human Rights Law?

22 August 2023 saw the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child publish its much-anticipated General Comment No.26 on Children’s Rights and the Environment, with a Special Focus on Climate Change (GC26). The General Comment sets out a framework for a child rights-based approach to environmental protection, addressing issues ranging from access to justice and remedies…

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Governing reliance on carbon dioxide removal: The role of climate litigation

The world’s leading scientists are clear: limiting global warming to 1.5°C involves ‘rapid and deep and, in most cases, immediate greenhouse gas emissions reductions in all sectors this decade’. Yet global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are ‘woefully insufficient to meet the temperature goal of the Paris Agreement’. In this context, many climate advocates are…

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Whose emissions are these anyway? The Paris Agreement and greenhouse gas emissions emanating from occupied territories: a case study of Ukraine, Georgia and Russia

The Paris Agreement, hailed as a “historic agreement” to tackle climate change, does not directly address the impact that armed conflicts can have on climate change. One of the (many) unanswered questions is how greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions emanating from occupied territories are to be treated by the relevant Parties to the…

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