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US/NATO Targeting of Afghan Drug Traffickers: An Illegal and Dangerous Precedent?

In August, the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committe, released a report ("Afghanistan's Narco-War: Breaking the Link Between Drug Traffickers and Insurgents") which confirmed that U.S. forces in Afghanistan are now mandated to kill or capture drug traffickers in Afghanistan who have links to the Taliban. The Taliban is estimated to receive between $70 million and $500 million dollars a year from the drugs trade  and this money is said to play a critical role in financing the insurgency. Therefore, NATO (led on this issue by the US and the UK) consider it essential to starve the Taliban of the funds which make the insurgency in Afghanistan possible. However, targeting of individual drug traffickers or of drugs labs and other objects associated with the drugs trade raises some fundamental questions about who or what is a lawful target in armed conflict. The US and NATO’s policy appears to be a regrettable return to the notion of "quasi combatants" and to the idea of total war in which persons or industries connected to the war…

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The Taliban’s New “Code of Conduct”, Compliance with the Laws of War and POW status

After an absence of a couple of weeks and a summer silence on this blog, we are back.  I've got a bit of catching up to do. I want to spend the next couple of days discussing some legal issues arising from recent media reports about the war in Afghanistan. Later this week, I will write about US…

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Has North Korea Terminated the Korean Armistice Agreement?

Seunghyun Sally Nam is 3rd Secretary for the Korean Peninsula Peace Regime Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea. She is writing in her personal capacity and her views do not necessarily represent those of the South Korean government. In his recent post, Dapo…

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The Korean War has Resumed !! (Or so we are told)

Readers may wonder how they missed such a momentous event as the resumption of the Korean War. Don't go scurrying to the TV or start clicking on those news sites just yet! There has been no use of force on the Korean Penninsula. However, it has been claimed that, as a matter of law,the Korean War has resumed.

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The Application of Human Rights Treaties in Wartime

This year the EJIL has been marking the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by publishing a series of articles on international human rights law. The international human rights movement was birthed in response to the atrocities during the second World War. It is therefore appropriate to examine the extent to which international human rights…

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