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Too Early To Tell? The (Un)lawfulness of Israeli Attacks: The Case of the Jabalia Refugee Camp

During two consecutive days, on 31 October and 1 November 2023, Israeli air forces organized a series of air raids which hit Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp. The number of casualties is not yet clear at the time of writing of this post. However, victims seem to amount to at least 195 people confirmed dead and more than 700 injured. Condemnation of the attacks was swift at the international level, but Israel has attempted to defend itself against allegations of wrongdoing  by noting that target of these attacks were Hamas commanders in the area as well as a ‘vast’ tunnel complex at the site of the camp. According to Israel, the strikes killed  a large number of Hamas fighters who were part of the Central Jabalia Battalion. Additionally, two commanding officers seem to have also been taken out: Ibrahim Biari, believed to be a figurehead in the planning and execution of the Hamas attack on 7 October 2023 as well as Muhammad…

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Our Shared Horror

Since Hamas’ fighters entered Israeli territory less than a week ago at least 1,200 people in Israel and 1,100 in Gaza have been killed, more than 100 have been taken hostage, thousands have been wounded, more than 2 million are cut off from food, fuel and…

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The Responsibility of Syria under the Convention Against Torture before the ICJ

With the oral proceedings and marathon round of interventions over the past two weeks on the preliminary objections in the Allegations of Genocide (Ukraine v Russia) case (on which, see the excellent summary here), one might forget that the International Court of Justice will be in session again from 10 October to hear pleadings in yet…

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8 rules for “civilian hackers” during war, and 4 obligations for states to restrain them

As digital technology is changing how militaries conduct war, a worrying trend has emerged in which a growing number of civilians become involved in armed conflicts through digital means. Sitting at some distance from physical hostilities, including outside the countries at war, civilians – including hacktivists, to cyber security professionals, ‘white hat’, ‘black hat’ and ‘patriotic’ hackers…

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Targeted Killings: New Allegations Against India and Ukraine

Yesterday, the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, stood up in Parliament and formally accused the government of India of committing a targeted killing on Canadian territory. The victim, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, was a prominent leader of a Sikh separatist movement in India, who was designated as a terrorist by the Indian government. He was assassinated…

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