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Announcement: Workshop on Procedural Fairness

The Surrey International Law Centre of the University of Surrey School of Law, with the support of the Institute of Advanced Studies, the McCoubrey Centre of the University of Hull and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, will host a two-day workshop on the identification of core standards of procedural fairness before international courts and tribunals. All interested persons are warmly invited to participate in the workshop and should register by 31 August. Full details, including the workshop programme, may be accessed at the workshop website.

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Transatlantic Roundtable on Challenges to IHL

This week, leading academics and practitioners from the US, UK, continental Europe, and Israel will gather at the University of Oxford to discuss a range of IHL-related issues – from addressing violations of the rules of war to military ops that go beyond the traditional battlefield.  The two-day roundtable discussion will focus on transatlantic issues relating to international humanitarian…

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Launch of the Manchester International Law Centre

Jean d’Aspremont and Iain Scobbie are pleased to announce the establishment of the Manchester International Law Centre (MILC). Roughly twenty researchers are currently associated with MILC and we hope to grow at a steady pace over the next few years.  We have a number of current and planned projects.  One of the most significant is…

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Announcements: Conference on Asylum in Europe, Website Covering Italian Practice on International Law

1.  ‘Using Human Security as a legal framework to analyse the Common European Asylum System,’ 4 July, T.M.C Asser Instituut, The Hague, Netherlands. This expert conference will explore new territory in its analysis of protection under the Common European Asylum System through the prism of Human Security. The four thematic panels of the conference will analyse the added value of…

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Announcing the OPIL World Cup Challenge

In nearly 20 years of legal publishing nobody has ever sent me a proposal for a book on football and international law. It’s not like there is any lack of international legal issues to be addressed – dispute settlement, IP, workers’ rights, corruption – the list goes on.  Perhaps many of the issues are more matters of private…

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