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Transatlantic Dialogue on International Law and Armed Conflict : A Blog Series

In the middle of July, a group of academics and government lawyers gathered for two days at Oxford University to discuss issues related to current challenges pertaining to armed conflict and the applicable law. Participants came from both sides of the north Atlantic (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe), and from Israel, to share views on a variety of topics. The interplay between international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) was an issue that permeated the two day workshop, with an emphasis on the implications of recent court decisions. That discussion flowed into a conversation about accountability for violations of IHL, including an exploration of what the obligations are and how they are implemented. Given that many States are scaling down direct foreign military operations, the first day finished with a discussion on what partnered operations and security cooperation looks like, and how different bodies of law apply to these operations. Issues relating to non-international armed conflicts, and again the overlapping areas of IHL and…

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Announcement: Call for Papers on Global Governance

Call for Papers: 2015 Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance: The Public and the Private in Global Governance. IBEI (Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals) and ESADEgeo (ESADE Business School’s Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics) are organizing the third edition of the Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance, an international workshop that brings together scholars from international relations, international law, political theory…

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Announcements: BIICL International Law Course; Conference in Dresden on Future of Trade and Investment Law

1. International Law in Practice is a four-day programme run by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL), which provides a broad introduction to key issues in international and comparative law – from public to private and from commercial to human rights. The course is unique in that it introduces participants to international law, as broadly…

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Announcements: Fourth Annual Junior Faculty Forum

The Fourth Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law, launched by its founding co-convenors (Dino Kritsiotis – Nottingham; Anne Orford – Melbourne; J.H.H. Weiler – Florence), will take place in Florence, Italy, in June 2015. The call for applications is here: Please note: the closing deadline for applications is December 15.

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Mapping the Scholarly Commentary on Israel-Gaza Wars 2008-2014

John Louth, Editor-in-Chief of Academic Law Books, Journals and Online content at Oxford University Press has produced another one of those impressive Debate Maps that they have been creating over the last year or so. This one is about the Israel-Gaza Wars from 2008 to 2014 and it: “.

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