Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law – Call for Papers

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The students at the University of Cambridge Law Faculty have established a new international law journal – the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law. Although student run law journals are very much the norm in the US, they are less well known in Europe, including in the UK. The CJICL has significant involvement from established academics and unlike US journals will be a peer reviewed journal.
The Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law is a newly established double-blind peer reviewed, open-access journal which aims to publish high-end legal scholarship. It has a broad focus on international and comparative law and a particular focus on publishing work that examines the intersection of different international, domestic and transnational legal regimes. The Journal aims to become a platform for constructive and critical dialogue between the well-established academics and practitioners on the one side and the younger generations on the other. It will have two substantive issues per year and a annual special issue, which will critically examine the decisions of the UK Supreme Court from the preceding judicial year. The CJICL is the only journal to produce a full issue review of the previous three terms of the work of the UK Supreme Court.
The journal is currently seeking papers for its inaugural issue and the call for papers can be found here.
The CJICL’s website will also host a blog which we at EJIL:Talk! welcome to the international law blogosphere! Sahib Singh, who is on the CJICL’s editorial board, and who has previously contributed to EJIL:Talk! has written a piece, below, on the Iran, The Nuclear Issue and Countermeasures which is cross posted on the CJICL blog.
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