Call for Papers: “Human Rights and the Dark Side of Globalisation: Transnational law enforcement and migration control”

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Danish Institute for International Studies, 9-10 December 2013.

Globalisation and the promotion of human rights are often assumed to walk hand in hand as increased interdependence favours rights-based governance and global communication means that human rights abuses are reported in real time. Yet, there is a flip side to this relationship. States, and especially more resourceful States, are themselves making increasing use of the possibilities afforded by processes linked to globalisation. Hitherto public exercises of authority like policing, detention and other law enforcement activities are today increasingly exercised extraterritorially, delegated to non-state actors or outsourced to foreign governments. This workshop examines the continued viability of international human rights law in the face of e.g. offshore detention schemes, private military contractors and the exercise of migration control abroad.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: André Nollkaemper, Mark Gibney, Francois Crepeau, Gregor Noll, Elspeth Guild and Marko Milanovic. Details here.

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