Call for Papers: Cassese Initiative Prize

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200px-Antonio_Cassese_(born_1937)_-_Flickr_image_3943365916_by_Margaret_ZimmermanThe Antonio Cassese Initiative is very grateful to have received an una tantum donation from the ‘Stichting Praemium Erasmianum’.

This foundation aims to strengthen the position of the humanities, the social sciences and the arts. Every year the foundation awards the Erasmus Prize, intended for persons or institutions that have made an exceptional contribution to culture in Europe. In 2009, Antonio Cassese received the Erasmus Prize for his significant contribution to the development of a universal system of law and for motivating a great number of student and collaborators in his function as judge, scholar, teacher and critic. Therefore, to continue his legacy, the Initiative has decided to use the donation to motivate students and young professionals to take part in the development of international law by writing a paper on new perspectives in international criminal law.

Oxford University Press has kindly accepted to contribute to the Prize with a donation in books.

For more information about the Prize and the call for papers, please click here.

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