Zahra Al-Rikabi


Zahra Al-Rikabi is a barrister at Brick Court Chambers with a broad practice in public, commercial and European law. She has a particular interest in public international law, building on her education and experience prior to coming to the Bar. She has an LLM in public international law from LSE and was involved, amongst other things, in the bilateral negotiations between the United States and Iraq in relation to the status of US forces in Iraq.

Recently Published

English Court of Appeal rejects De Facto Immunity for UK officials & Act of State Doctrine in Torture Claims

Following a number of high profile but ultimately failed inquiries into the UK’s ‘complicity’ in US extraordinary rendition, some further light may be shed on the matter by the UK courts. Such is the significance of the judgment given last week by the English Court of Appeal in Belhaj & Anor v Jack Straw & Ors…

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