Wayne Sandholtz


Professor Wayne Sandholtz holds the John A. McCone Chair in International Relations and is Professor of International Relations and Law at the University of Southern California. Prof. Sandholtz has written on international human rights law, international law in domestic courts, international human rights courts, political corruption, and European integration. Among his books are Research Handbook on the Politics of International Law (with Christopher Whytock; Edward Elgar, 2017), International Norms and Cycles of Change (with Kendall Stiles; Oxford UP, 2009), and Prohibiting Plunder: How Norms Change (Oxford UP, 2007).

Recently Published

Walking Back Dissents: A Reply to Helfer and Voeten

We see no need to respond to Helfer and Voeten’s reply (Stone Sweet, Sandholtz, and Andenas, 2021), beyond clarifying one major point. The basis of our critique of the Helfer and Voeten article (2020) concerns our inability to confirm the classifications reported in their data. Our focus is on those cases that are most likely…

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