William Schabas


William A. Schabas is professor of international law at Middlesex University in London, emeritus professor of international criminal law and human rights at Leiden University, emeritus professor of human rights at the National University of Ireland Galway and distinguished visiting faculty at the Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po. His most recent books are The Customary International Law of Human Rights (Oxford University Press, 2021) and the published version of the course he delivered at the Hague Academy of International Law in January 2021 entitled Relationships between International Criminal Law and Other Branches of Public International Law (Brill Nijhoff, 2021).

Recently Published

The Damp Squib of Third Party Intervention in Ukraine v. Russia

It looks like Ukraine scored an ‘own goal’ in the 2 February 2024 judgment of the International Court of Justice. Ukraine is left with a rather empty shell of its original application. The hope had been to address Russian aggression through the back door of the Genocide Convention. If successful, this might…

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Preventing Genocide and the Ukraine/Russia case

Ukraine’s recent application against Russia at the International Court of Justice raises the question of the permissibility of the use of force outside the exceptions in the Charter of the United Nations for the purpose of preventing genocide. When the application is read together with the statements made by Ukraine’s…

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