Vladislava Stoyanova


Dr. Vladislava Stoyanova is Associate Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University (Sweden). She is the holder of the Wallenberg Academy Fellowship (2019–2024) awarded by the Knut and Allice Wallenberg Foundation and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. As a Wallenberg Fellow, she leads the project The Borders within: the Multifaceted Legal Landscape of Migrant Integration in Europe. Her publications includes the monograph Human Trafficking and Slavery Reconsidered: Conceptual Limits and States’ Positive Obligations in European Law (Cambridge University Press, 2017), three co-edited volumes Seeking Asylum in the European Union: Selected Protection Issues Raised by the Second Phase of the Common European Asylum System (Brill, 2015), The New Asylum and Transit Countries in Europe: During and in the Aftermath of the 2015–2016 Crisis (Brill, 2018), International Law and Violence against Women: Europe and the Istanbul Convention (Routledge, 2020) and other book chapters and journal articles. Dr Stoyanova is the director of the migration law courses at her faculty.

Recently Published

M.N. and Others v Belgium: no ECHR protection from refoulement by issuing visas

 With its inadmissibility decision in M.N. and Others v Belgium delivered on 5 May 2020, the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR made it clear that individuals who apply for visas at embassies with the intention to seek protection, do not fall within the jurisdiction of the ECHR State Parties in the sense of Article 1 ECHR. As…

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Irregular Migrants and the Prohibition of Slavery, Servitude, Forced Labour & Human Trafficking under Article 4 of the ECHR

On 30 March 2017, the ECtHR delivered the Chowdury and Others v. Greece judgment (currently available only in French), where the Court found a violation of Article 4(2) of the ECHR (the right not to be subjected to forced labour). This judgment is an important addition to the gradually growing body of case law under Article 4…

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