Umut Özsu


Umut Özsu is an Assistant Professor of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He is a scholar of public international law and the history and theory of international law, with a focus on law and development, international refugee law, and international human rights law. He is the author of Formalizing Displacement: International Law and Population Transfers (OUP, 2015), and is currently completing a book on the legal dimensions of the post-Second World War wave of decolonization.

Recently Published

B. S. Chimni’s “Relatively Autonomous” International Law

Note from the Editors:  We conclude 2017 with a roundtable discussion of the second edition of Professor B.S. Chimni's International Law and World Order: A Critique of Contemporary Approaches.  Given numerous changes that rapidly transpired in the international system since 2016, the roundtable discussion will certainly spur continuing exchanges among scholars, academics, and practitioners on the evolving…

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Review of Itamar Mann’s ‘Humanity at Sea’

Itamar Mann’s Humanity at Sea is bold, engaging, and wide-ranging. Perhaps most importantly, it is not afraid to confront standard clichés about the conceptual underpinnings and normative architecture of international refugee law and international human rights law. In addition to specifically legal sources, it marshals a wide range of materials from a number of disciplines, particularly moral and…

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