Ernst Ulrich Petersmann


Ernst Ulrich Petersmann taught constitutional law at the Universities of Hamburg and Heidelberg and was a Professor of international law and European law at the Universities of St. Gallen, Fribourg, Geneva, the Geneva Graduate Institute of International Relations and the European University Institute at Florence, where he also served as head of the law department. As a visiting professor, Dr. Petersmann taught international economic law at the Hague Academy of International Law, the EUI Academy of European Law, the Xiamen Academy of International Law, and at numerous Universities in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the USA, Latin-America, South-Africa, China, India and Singapore. He published more than 30 books and 350 contributions to books and journals focusing on international law, European law and comparative constitutional law. Prof. Petersmann worked as legal counsel for the German government representing Germany in European and UN institutions (1978-1980), legal counsel in GATT and legal consultant for the WTO (1981-2021). He served as secretary, member or chairman on GATT and WTO dispute settlement panels and as chairman of the International Trade Law Committee of the International Law Association (1999-2014).

Recently Published

Self-Constitution of Mankind without Constitutional Constructivism?

Philip Allott’s recent essay on EJIL: Talk! criticized power-oriented conceptions of ‘international law among sovereign states’ that privilege the self-interests of governments and contribute to the ‘collapse of global government’. His description of international relations as ‘a lawless world’ and ‘a legal wasteland in which those involved in events and transactions can pick and choose among competing…

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