Uglješa Grušić


Uglješa Grušić is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Laws, University College London, where he specialises in private international law. He is the author of Torts in UK Foreign Relations (OUP 2023) and The European Private International Law of Employment (CUP 2015), an editor of Cheshire, North & Fawcett’s Private International Law (OUP, 15 edn, 2017) and a co-editor of Civil Remedies and Human Rights in Flux (Bloomsbury Publishing 2022).

Recently Published

Torts in UK Foreign Relations – Post Scriptum Following the UKSC’s Judgment in Zubaydah v FCDO

In my post introducing the symposium, I provided three reasons why I believed the discussion in my book was timely. Little did I know, at the time of writing, that the UK Supreme Court would deliver its judgment in Zubaydah v Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office right in the middle of the symposium,…

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Torts in UK Foreign Relations: Response to Professors Mills, Ryngaert and Webb

I am grateful to Professors Alex Mills, Cedric Ryngaert and Philippa Webb for discussing various aspects of my book on Torts in UK Foreign Relations in their posts. Their comments raise important questions about the act of state doctrines, the application of foreign law to tort claims arising out of the external exercise of British…

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Torts in UK Foreign Relations: An Introduction

If a British soldier or a member of the British security services commits a wrong in a foreign country while acting in an official capacity, the victim’s best chance of obtaining a remedy is often to commence proceedings against the UK government in England. On what basis can such proceedings be brought? An international lawyer is likely to…

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