Timothy Waters


Timothy William Waters is the Richard S. Melvin Professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law and a member of IU’s Russian and East European Institute. He is the author of Boxing Pandora: Reconsidering Borders, States and Secession in a Democratic World and editor of The Milošević Trial: An Autopsy.

Recently Published

What I Didn’t Hear at the International Law Conference in Ukraine

‘Are you a Russian spy?’ The question came over dinner, between the grilled vegetables and the tongue with mushrooms, in the opulent House of Scientists in Lviv, western Ukraine. At the ‘Stand Tall for the Rule of Law Summit,’ held from 8-10 December 2023, American and Ukrainian officials, legal advisers, and academics gathered to support…

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Let His People Go: Sudan’s Lesson for Secession

Timothy William Waters, a professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, is the author of numerous articles on self-determination. DAYS before it began voting for independence, Africa’s soon-to-be newest country hosted a modern Pharaoh who, not long ago, sent armies to crush its bid for freedom. In a visit to South Sudan’s capital,…

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Are the US Attacks in Pakistan an Armed Attack on Pakistan? A Rejoinder

I agree entirely with the first point that Professor Paust makes in his previous post , about the impossibility of imputing the non-state actor attacks to Pakistan due to incapacity. Certainly imputation doesn't make sense on these facts as he outlines them. However, the second point he makes goes to the heart of my question. Professor Paust asks,…

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