Tara Van Ho


Tara Van Ho is a post-doc researcher with the INTRAlaw Centre at the University of Aarhus (Denmark), where her research focuses on the intersection of international human rights, humanitarian, and economic law. She remains a Project Associate with the Essex Business and Human Rights Project (University of Essex), through which she advises states, NGOs, and IGOs on the human rights impacts of investment laws and agreements.

Recently Published

ESIL-International Human Rights Law Symposium: IHRL and Investment Law – What Could A Human Rights Based Approach Look Like?

Scholars have increasingly focused (see here, here, here and here) on the relationship between international human rights law (“IHRL”) and international investment law (“IIL”). While some argue (see here, here and here) that IHRL and IIL are mutually re-enforcing, several cases highlight significant tensions between the fields. When…

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