Tomaso Falchetta


Tomaso Falchetta is the Head of the Policy and Advocacy Team at Privacy International, one of the applicants in the Big Brother Watch v. UK cases. The views expressed in this post are his own and made in his individual capacity and not in his capacity as an employee of Privacy International.

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Intelligence Sharing and the Right to Privacy after the European Court Judgment in Big Brother Watch v. UK

On 13 September 2018, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in three consolidated cases brought by 14 human rights organisations and 2 individuals against the UK government’s mass interception program and its access to the intelligence gathered by other governments, including the United States (Big Brother Watch v. UK, nos. 58170/13, 62322/14, 24960/15.) As noted…

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How to Bridge the Gap? Corporate and Government Surveillance Examined at the UN

On 21 November, the UN General Assembly Third Committee adopted the draft resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age. This came at the same time the UK passed a law (the Investigatory Powers Act) which codified what are arguably the most extreme surveillance powers in the history of any western democracy. This is…

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A UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy – Why Now?

As the 28th ordinary session draws to a close this week, the UN Human Rights Council is expected to consider a proposal to create a new UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy. The draft resolution, spearheaded by Brazil and Germany and supported by a broad group of states, is the latest of a series of…

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