Tania Singla


is a qualified lawyer admitted into practice in India and is currently pursuing the MIDS-Geneva LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement (Switzerland), where her academic concentrations include procedural issues in commercial and investment arbitration as well as WTO law. Prior to joining the MIDS, she obtained the LL.M. in International and European Law as an Angela Merkel Scholar (DAAD) from Europa-Institut (Germany) with specializations in International Dispute Resolution, Foreign Trade and European Economic Law. She acquired her first degree in law (B.A.LL.B. Hons.) from National Law University-Delhi (India). She is currently conducting academic research on issues relating to State liability under investment treaties for refusal of recognition and enforcement of commercial arbitral awards by national courts for her master thesis.

Recently Published

Achmea: The Fate and Future of Intra-EU Investment Treaty Awards under the New York Convention

On March 6, 2018, the CJEU rendered its judgment in the long-awaited Slovak Republic v. Achmea case (Case C-284/16). This case involved a preliminary reference from the German Bundesgerichtshof in the context of setting aside proceedings initiated by Slovakia against a 2012 award, which was rendered by an investment tribunal in accordance with the UNCITRAL…

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