Taha Almasri


Taha T. A. Almasri is a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL, Oxon) graduate and first-class law graduate from the London School of Economics. He was awarded the Oxford Law Faculty International Law and Armed Conflict Prize in 2023. He is a Rapporteur for Oxford International Organisations (OXIO) and research assistant at the Oxford Institute of Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC).

Recently Published

Territorial Jurisdiction at the International Criminal Court for Deportation Across the High Seas

There is a lacuna in the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) jurisprudence on jurisdiction for the transboundary crime against humanity of deportation. The issue is whether the deportation of victims across the high seas into the territory of a Rome Statute state party falls within the ICC’s territorial jurisdiction. The ICC’s leading decisions —arising from Bangladesh/Myanmar— appear to point…

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